Geert Willems

Geert Willems

zaterdag 11 december 2010

iPad and it's km application

I waited to get an iPad till some functionality was added, and finally I bought one yesterday, not witheet too high an expectation. So after one night playing around with it, I wanted to share my fitst experiences.
F'irst of all, the iPad is FUN. This doesn't sound as an advantage, but introducing changes wether or not started because of knowledge management Otten failliet because of THE change itself and THE non perfect usEr experiences. Changes are often experiences as a burden, not as FUN.
Typing is ok on iPad, but not always perfect: à slight touch on THE screen prints à letter and THE is typed in capital letters for no reason. So this typing experiences limits THE application for KM. Flash websites can't be , so I'll have to consider to revamp my gswconsulting site. Also THE AppStore available are limited, but usable. All this Lears to one conclusion: creating à two hour course on THE topic: iPad for iKM/handling THE changing limits, what to expect, and when Doesjanbe it have sufficient added value. Contact me on for more info on this course! ...typed on iPad.

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