Geert Willems

Geert Willems

maandag 22 november 2010

tacit and explicit knowledge

In every basic course or book of knowledge, you'll find next to the definition of knowledge, an explanation what tacit knowledge is.
Often the difference between explicit and tacit knowledge is made in difference of the information in a book on how to drive a car, and really driving a car.
I prefer an example already done by Lazarus and Mc-Cleary in 1949: these psychologists presented persons a large number of nonsense syllables, and after showing certain of the syllables, the administered an electric shock. After a while the persons showed symptoms of anticipating the shock at the sight of "shock syllables". The persons could not define HOW they could could identifythe "shock syllables". The persons came to know when to expect a shock, but they could not tell what made made them expect the shock.
...this means there are different kinds of tacit knowledge,
each to be treated in different ways!

maandag 1 november 2010

new website GSWconsulting !

After finishing and as new product lines, we also just launched our new website !! 
Check it out !

Geert Willems

We just launched our Technical Writing Website

We just launched the new website of our product line Technical Writing.
The link in between knowledge management, knowledge creation and technical documentation is obvious: technical documentation is an externalization of knowledge.

The creation of technical documentation though, is an art itself, and as till today no specific education can be followed.
A skilled technical writer is a 'white raven'.
First of all, there is the content itself that need to created. One must grasp fast new concepts, and bring this to the level requested by the customer.
The way that the information is divided also demands a large analytical insight, and today a number of technical skills are also needed: documentation goes multimedia, and a wide set of tools can be used.

We only work with technical writers that have the job embodied in their mind and soul!

Geert Willems

toegepaste kennis management - een voorbeeld: SEO ranking

Vandaag hebben we gelanceerd!

Dit is slechts een klein voorbeeld van toegepast kennismanagement:
we hebben een proces ontwikkeld waarbij de nodige type informatie wordt verzameld in gerangschikt die nodig zijn voor uw website: 
hierbij houden we rekening met alle relevante parameters van uw bedrijf, de informatie op de site, de wensen van de klant, maar ook de concurrentie, de verschillende browsers en zoekmachines.
Dit in een frame-work dat heel flexibel is aan veranderende omstandigheden.

SEO, of search engine optimization, is een vorm van constante oorlogsvoering, met als inzet de ranking bovenaan de zoekresultaten in google. 

Het al dan niet gevonden worden kan uw site maken of breken!

...dit is slechts een voorbeeld van toegepast kennismanagement.

Wilt u weten wat we voor uw bedrijf kunnen betekenen? Neem dan snel contact op !

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