Geert Willems

Geert Willems

maandag 18 november 2013

How Einstein killed my ego - and did me a great favour! - Twitter: @GSWconsulting - Facebook - Book us for a passionate KM talk

When I give an explanation and one says its rather complicated and too complex, I know I must find a new angle.
My ego wants to convince me that it's not my explanation, not my understanding. Me ego wants to convince me that it's the level or pre-knowledge of my knowledge.
My reason short-cuts this by telling me the truth: no, if my audience doesn't see the added value of what I say, or doesn't grasp the concept, there is only one to blame: myself.
And now, when this happens - and yes, it still happens - it's for me an item I check. Can somebody without a lot of preknowledge on knowledge management understand what I'm saying? And if not, can I still explain it simple?

It reminds me to all the lessons I skipped in high-school and university.
And that I only went to the sessions which were tough for me, including high frequency and filter techniques. Where we had a genius teacher who could explain high frequency, and when leaving the class room it was as if you could feel how the waves hit the antenna.
And the contrast of having chemistry in high school, where I hated it, and it was a tough nut to crack with having chemistry at high school, where initially chemist reactions were compared with Micky Mouses giving hands, and where material which was a lot tougher and complex to understand was getting fun, and really easy to digest.

It is really striking that complex matters can be explained simple. By extracting the essence and making an anology that only ressembles this essense. Do we have a name for this type of knowledge? A name for the simple models and analogies that explain the most complex things in simple ways.

Even in knowledge management, BEWARE of the sourceres who claim knowledge management is a magic area of expertise.
EMBRACE the consultants who are ables to explain every facet in a simple way -,especially the complex matters!

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