Geert Willems

Geert Willems

maandag 25 november 2013

I challenge you: Are you the KM manager this is written for?

It's a pitty.
It really is.
It's a misted opportunity!

It's a shame!

And still, it happens.
In SME's.
In multinationals.

All over the world.

They lie!
And they don't know it!

They have it!
But they don't use it!

Yes, they have the box.
Yes, they have the function!

Yes, there is one with on his business card: knowledge manager.

Yes, they are convinced they are doing it right!


It's only on paper.
They got the title because they were already information manager.
They got the title because they are convinced it's a simple add on.

They got the title because they have to leave the company in a few years, and a demotional promotion had to be created

Yes they perform knowledge management.

But it's:

(picture credit: freedigitalphotos)

Can't help it.

It makes me angry.
It makes me go to the fitness and thinking about how to handle this organisation.

Because I need to think.
Because helping a company with such knowlege management installed is much more diffictult to help than a company without an official knowledge management role yet. 

when it's realised:
Ok, I have this role of KM in this company,
but I want to unleash the knowledge and imagination.

And a question comes from that person:
Realising they are far from unleashing the knowledge mwithin the company.
After the insight and conscience knowledge management is indeed a specialisation where you need a lot of knowledge and insights.
Then the question comes:
I want to fill this box with the treasure of a knowledge strategy. 
How to I cope?

And then,
after taken action
I can fly home
with a biiiiiig smile on my face.

Is this article written for you?

I told myself it's ok to tease from time to time in a blog

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