Geert Willems

Geert Willems

dinsdag 26 november 2013

KM: kissing the frog in storytelling

Oh yes, I love storytelling.
Oh no, I hate storytelling.

Today I had a workshop with a great change manager. She invested time in reviewing a book of mine.
And one of the topics we discussed was storytelling.

When I write, I'm not on this world. My PC and I are connected. Most of the time helped in trance by fantastic music, and the words appear automatically on screen on the waves of my thoughts.

And after doing that for a day of five, being 150 pages later I feel drained.
I'm satisfied and empty at the same time.
Satisfied, because all the knowledge in my head was transferred. Out of my mind.
Empty, because it feels like a whole load of thoughts made my head less full.

And that feeling, is great.

But that, is only the content.
It's only the frog I created.

Then I need to rework things. Towards the audience.

To make a complete nice, coherent story with this audience in mind.

And focussing that despite complex and numerous matter, the story that I tell is a great story.

And those last things are the most energy consuming.

Unfortunately, I need to kiss a frog right now.

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