Geert Willems

Geert Willems

vrijdag 22 november 2013

KM: why technology alone fails - proven by a grain of sand - Twitter: @GSWconsulting - Facebook - Book us for a passionate KM talk
Four years ago, during the end of the year, my son of - then - two and a half years old had a thick red eye.
And he was quiet. And if you know my son, you would know, that when my son is quiet, he is ill.
So we went to the doctor who made the diagnosis of orbital cellulitis She acted quickly in fear my son would loose his eyes. An antibiotic infusion and follow-up for the next 72 hours in the hospital. The night before Christmas he was dismissed from the hospital.

So when my wife came downstairs a few days ago and said our son had a thick eye again, her first reaction when I was smiling - ok, she caught me off guard - was pritty angry.

But she calmed down quickly when I explained our son had a grain of sand in his eye after playing on the beach. 

He told me, I did a few eye-drops  in his eyes, asked him to wink a few times, and the grain of sand was gone. But his eye was still a little red.

Reflecting on knowledge the whole time, and after a discussion a few days ago with a CEO believing knowledge management can be solved - always - using technology, this story popped-up in my mind.

I can't imagine any profitable and usable knowledge system, in which I could store this kind of information. Because it was solved so quickly I judged not to mention this to my wife. And because of the past my wife judged too quickly to the wrong conclusion. I can't imagine any user friendly platform to put this information in. After all, face-to-face, it was cleared out in less than five seconds!

Prove me wrong ! 

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