Geert Willems

Geert Willems

dinsdag 17 december 2013

What Christmas can learn from Knowledge management - Twitter: @GSWconsulting - Facebook - Book us for a passionate KM talk
I learned that the appreciation of Santa Claus and Christmas can be largely depending on childhood: for my wife Santa Claus was almost the best period, while Christmas was for me indeed a period of peace, light, love, warmth and communication in the family I grew up.

And Christmas still has this meaning for me. I believe to the benefit of my own family - trying to bring extra peace, light, love and warmth in this family.  Values, independent of religion. Memories I hope my children will cherrish too.

And then there comes the week after: new year.
And then the year starts again... unitl the end of that year everything starts over again.

When you put this graphically on a calendar, it looks pritty stupid.
And I admit. Even loving the values of Christmas, I don't think about them lying at the beach in summer. I don't think about them giving the best of myself to my customers.
Although the values are still there.
It's only when something special occurs that the conscious attention is there. And of course, uncousciously the values are there, and I hope the acting is accordingly.

Wouldn't I be a better man giving these values conscious thoughts?
Wouldn't even my customers be better off if I was a better man giving these values more conscious thoughts?

And now for the knowledge mangement stretch.

I strongly believe in knowledge management. Otherwise it wouldn't be my passion. Otherwise it wouldn't be my life's work developping and consolidating techniques. I wouldn't have become the consultant I am now.

I believe when developping and implementing a knowledge strategy, it's Christmas for my customer. Attention is given to values that matter. Attention that changes company behaviour for the better. Resilient, innovative, productive.

And than the project enter's maintenance phase. But; this time, the attention to handling knowledge remains available. As your company pays attention to quality management and project management.

So... Christmas can really learn something from knowledge management.

A statement I wouldn't have dare to make twenty years ago.

dinsdag 10 december 2013