Geert Willems

Geert Willems

maandag 17 februari 2014

Learning skill independent knowledge management strategies

It's about a year ago that a remark during a KM training came "OK - waw, you really introduced us in knowledge techniques and how to approach this strategically, but you didn't tell anything (yet) on learning techniques". A few moments later the same person shared that indeed her - hospital - colleagues learned in different ways. 
And today I had a conversation on representing a framework. During the discussion it became clear that - in contradiction to the audio-visual person I am, the other person clearly had another way of absorbing knowledge. In a very constructive way - realising that her colleague structured and absorbed information in another way.
The same discussions over and over again when structuring document management systems: do we use metadata or a directory tree to structure everyhting? And as a result faulty implementations occur because either one of the two directions are taken. Unfortunately technology is not (yet) evolved to a point where metadata is generated and searched and structured automatically, although some really good efforts have been made on this point.

So what is the solution?
It's staring us in the face,

because, in fact there are no options.

There is no choice.

When you want to have a great knowledge and learning flow - wether it is internally or even towards customers - you need to create a solution strategy where all forms of learning are provided.
Fortunately training techniques have evolved so far that for a minimal add-on in cost and effort, compared with developping material that can be used by one type of person, can be used by every type of person.

although this insight is so clear,
it has been made troubled by solution providers only supporting one or two learning techniques.

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